1. I want this kind of photo session...


I am so excited! You are welcome. I will be happy to create something special for you! Check the website if there are time slots available. To book a session a non-refundable retainer EUR 300 will reserve your date. Pay reservation fee and I will contact you about pre-session consultation arrangement.  We will discuss your expectation, ideas and outline possible plan of the session day. If at the moment all available dates are sold out, make sure you add yourself to notification list to get notified if additional time slots open or when the bookings for the next period begin.


2. What is included in The Portrait experience session?


All our sessions include:

Pre-session consultation
Fully guided photo session in the studio (2-4 hours)
Hair & makeup artist on set for the whole session
2-4 looks (with H&MU adjusted, if necessary)
Access to studio wardrobe
Private photo reveal appointment and ordering session approximately  2 weeks after your shoot 
Delicately hand retouched images printed and delivered to you in highest quality keepsake products.


3. How I can prepare for the photo session?


Since every photo session is different, we will meet ahead of time in person or on the phone to discuss ideas. Planning is the best way to ensure a successful portrait session. I will give you direction on what and how many clothing items to bring. Also we will check what items we have in the studio wardrobe. Dream big - it is your session! 


4. At the moment I am not very happy about my appearance. Do I need to wait till I loose some wight?


I understand very well that you want to look the most beautiful in your portraits. If the process of loosing  weight will not go as you have planned - don't worry. The light and angle from which portrait is taken work much like a gym :-) I choose the most flattering poses that will feel natural for you and allow to highlight your unique attractive features while subtly hiding the slight imperfections. The ultimate goal is to show your most beautiful version of this stage of your life :-) Beauty is not about weight, shape or age. Beauty is about personality!


5. I do not like to be in front of the camera…


Most of the people do not like to be photographed because they do not know how to behave in front of the camera. I assure you - it's not hard. A few tips and tricks and you will understand the posing technique. During the photo session, we give ourselves enough time to learn how to move around freely and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I believe that the lessons learned during the photo session will help you feel more confident in the future :-)


6. I am non-photogenic. Is it possible for me to have beautiful portraits?


Many of us do not like own image in the pictures. On the one hand, it is different from what we are used to see in a mirror, because the image in the picture is not a mirror image ... On the other hand, we do not have many portraits taken by professional photographers in our archives ...

The truth is that all people are photogenic.  Some facial features interact with light easier, others has more special their own way of interaction. Incorrect selection of the viewpoint can distort features when photographing. Everyone has their own light and beautiful side!

I see Women's uniqueness and beauty and will do my best to create portraits that capture the most beautiful version of you :-)


7. Could I invite my friend or sister or mom?


Of course! Celebrate your relationships! Do a double portrait session with your sister, mom or best friend. Pay attention that The Portrait experience include only one makeover. So extra person will need to pay additionally for hair and makeup. On the other side I highly recommend at least once in your lifetime to experience your personal photo session as it is the best opportunity to meet yourself and get in touch with you self perception. Intimate moment to celebrate yourself!


8. Do you retouch my portraits and how much?


Portraits are retouched very slightly to keep image realistic and authentic. 


9. Is it possible to get all the files?


You come to me to get the most beautiful portraits of you. As an author, I use all my knowledge, creativity, energy and time to create them! All that is created during the photo session is draft, from which the most beautiful and realistic versions are selected. They are meticulously retouched, quality printed, and framed with a personalized touch. I'll prepare more alternatives for viewing so you have plenty of choices. Everything that remains, much like the leftover food after cooking… remains in the kitchen…


10. How often do you have photo sessions?


I have a limited number of photo sessions so I could have enough time to plan and execute each photo session. Each portrait experience is a special event where I put a lot of self, time and energy. That is why there are so little time slots on sale. Be sure that you added yourself to notification list to get notified if additional time slots open or when the bookings for the next period begin.